Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
posterity remembers art of love to accord into eternity,
as light of heaven protects humanity to flow like buyoant void beneath awe of cosmos
for planets to persist in universe steeped in enigma to utter nuance of wonder onto black hole raked in timeless space.
in between love and hatred
red in heart oscillates to resolve sanity of pulse
symmetry seeks to stay blessed for peace to empower by the crown of own kingdom.
benevolence paves path of parity to promote act sanguine
like milky way enlightens white of hue rolling from heaven to fluster darkness.
unstinting adoration to admire humility of one’ soul is the true virtue of gtreatness to harbinger endearment divine.
Into unstinting memories of ancient time
light of love does still reverberates
across tide of ocean to tune
in Elysian bay of heaven yet undaunted
audacity of hope retreats back into rune of godly desire
like of bouncing of spring into state of stillness
as into remote lone of evening moon adorns sky of solitude to admire
earth abides by law of attraction
everything becomes phenomenal
as enigma is the art of blue universe
likemirrh of fountain to cascade .
by audacity of bliss you deserve!
Yet it percolates slowly into unstinting vale of intended desire!..
truth and only truth absolute accords love of god……
I do recall colors of rainbow to prism by the serene face of night
as rungs of reflection kisses blue of sky to shy ,
light of adoration bounces to embrace arc of solitude to enlighten soul of cosmos!
red in vain pulsates into deepest labyrinth of core to reverberate,
rythm turns rhetoric to procliam art of assonance
symphony of silence utters light of love in adherence of mellow instinct.
halo of endearment empowers to resurrect embodiment racked in shadow of soliloquy to betide
and in-between walls of proximities heart seems to gather sparks of minerates to prolong!
Night of silence hurtles home of sweet blue
in alligiance of eternal flame
as void ruffles in midst of bondage unrequited
to adore nothing but love of innocencec
as an symphony of cherubic rhythm intoned.
Yet solemn bough of gravity tenders mellow glory of endearment
yet born in heaven to unleash undelible love of florescent innocence.
@ dr.subhendu kar

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