Poem by N. M. Leepsa



Mother, can you please give me shelter in your womb
Where you protect me from the outside world
Where your heartbeats and my heartbeats are connected
Where I sleep so peacefully without any worries
Where anything that you feel, I feel too
Where everyone was eager to love me, see me and hold me with care

Mother, now I am heartbroken and my heart is a lonely island
Where It’s hard to grow trust on other those stabbed on my heart
Where there is a flood of tears to that submerges my dreams I saw once
Where the daunting storms inside keep me awake all night till dawn
Where I keep running away from the depression and it’s totally dark
Where scars are visible but I could not find the herbs to heal it

Mother, can I start my life journey again from your womb
Where my heart and mind is without fear of anything in the world
Where I can land on a land that values love more than any other wealth
Where I can find time to eat properly, sleep peacefully and love honestly
Where I don’t have to worry every time what will happen tomorrow
Where life won’t be busy to love you, care you and find time to talk to you

Mother, I deeply love you and weigh everyone’s love with your love
Where I find the bag full of the love of the entire world is even less compared to yours
Where my age does not matter to say I always need you when I feel upset
Where I refuse to grow up to get your pampering, cuddles, kisses, and hugs
Where your love for me will never die in your compassionate heart
Where your magical words always protected me when I struggle in suffering

Mother, give me a place somewhere in your womb to live again
Let me be a puppy to be licked by your love and affection to grow stress-free
Let the ‘love hormone’ ease my pain of life and ‘love drug’ makes me feel good
Let me stay close to you, your smells, you smile and all your affectionate gesture
Let my playful kick remind you that you are never alone and we will be never apart
Let me be in the safest place on the earth, a precious gift to be inside and a heaven for sure.

© N.M.Leepsa, 2018

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