Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Dear Lord ,!

My heavenly father
care me from bunch of crooks
They insult but hug me tight You
Earthly crooks full of selfish
Don’t know provide you me relish things
Had all steel hearts ,made me you soft
That red rose spreading fragrance
My faith is in you ,they had in authority
Don’t want to you lose at any cost
Loving father looking at you
For your heavenly rain
That rainbow is over me
The sun is peeping through veil of clouds
The moon is mine , Twinkling stars
Hailstorms fallen on them , silent they are
Am I the son of Lord ,never get bored
Lovely life living enlighten
The temple is shone by thee
I never fear but only he who is in the heaven showing that path of nonviolence
Called me they smart bald man

Thank God making me strong!



Am I ambition yours
Eyes deep full of sex
As soft as cotton 
As white as snow
Sexy face has
Crazy coral lips
Kissed heart mine
Make me crazy
In day and night
My dove is right.



Being flower doesn’t know
The worldy mysteriousness
Don’t have steel heart 
Know only to flow with love

Smiling for others smile
Through my music eyes
Look this wonderful world
With incredible wisdom

Every moment is for love
No place for hate
Dancing on rhythm of Lord
Everyday appreciating life.


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