Poems by Neelam Malik

Poems by Neelam Malik


Honris Causa

Shadows die twice
Lest you should be a fallen angel
In the commendable colossus 
The sanctuary attired like oasis
Oodles of cash ,away from the floor
Rainbow radiance amidst the core
Ah!coevals thou will shine
And on the wings of dawn
Thy chandeliers as a haven prime
Honoris causa in thy crowns
So let us die twice to taste the spirited powers.

My Wish

Let my poem cross the hearts
And reach an ecstatic elevation
And here there is no murder
Of the innocents and pious ones
Let us dwell in a castle of love
Let us light a candle of light
Let me be a piece of peace

I wish this poem travels faster than light
To ignite infinite chords
Crushing the satanic weeds
Climbing the spiritual escalator
And we be followers of non-violence
World peace is the need of the day
Prayers and oblations with the inner oasis
Can change the deteriorating conditions

Let peace be our vitamins and minerals
To enlighten the orchard of humanity
Transforming our inner self
We can transform the world
Let my poem be a proem for peace

Peace, peace ,peace.

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