Poems by Hassen Gara

Poems by Hassen Gara
What an appalling, an alarming situation!
Poverty is affecting families , communities and nations
Children are starving, have nothing to eat
Too weak to stand on their feet
Destitute , leading a miserable existence
Are now in desperate need of humanitarian assistance
These young flourishing flowers
Like trees are stripped of their leaves
By a storm, losing their powers
Knowing they are doomed to die
Their plight makes a stone-hearted person cry
You are God’s successor on Earth
Do not be futile and of no worth
Arise ! wake up from your long sleep
World leaders and we should look after them
Be sickened by what is happening and weep
It is time to be responsible and share
To show your great interest and care
To give a helping hand to those suffering
Heal their wounds, their pain and struggling
Be their candle of light
In this assignment , take a great delight
Be a song that rejoices every heart
Spread love around you ! do your part
Let your generosity flow like a river
Donate whatever you can , be a tireless giver
For these victims let your heart bleed
Seeking their welfare is a noble deed
Arise ! listen to the cries of the old
Shelter those standing in the bitter cold
August 26th , 2018
Copy right Hassen Gara
I wish I could reveal
The pain and agony I feel
I need to shout , to be heard
To reach thousands of people all over the world
Wars and battles create alot of pain
Many lives lost in vain
I have reached the stage of fright
I can no longer sleep well at night
I am alarmed and scared
For death, not yet prepared
The atrocious hazard and terror of war
Quake my being at its very core
I have been trained to be brave and bold
To fight in the desert and bitter cold
To cope with awful sights
That will forever haunt your nights
I did what I had to do
You have no idea what I have been through
I crawled , aimed , was forced to kill
I felt the loss , I felt the chill
I put my life on the line
Blood and dirt , there’s no shine
I perceived children traumatised and a crying wife
No longer geared up to take more life
I gave up my dreams , my career
To serve the country I hold dear
The wounds I carry in my body and mind
I just want my aching to be left behind
I must stay alert, but I do dread
Not coming home, ending up dead
September 8th , 2018
Hassen Gara Copy right
Dimness and loneliness fill my cell
Too great is my pain to tell
I try to hide my fears
And wipe away my tears
To myself , what have I done ?
Everything beautiful in my life has gone
Hooked on drugs , I ruined my health
Lost my job , property and weath
My life has fallen apart
Fraught , melancholic, left with a broken heart
I tore up into small shreds my family life
Abandoned my son and loving wife
I am the one to blame
Forgiveness is my sole claim
My drug addiction brought on my family shame and disgrace
I pray God to help me get back my place
I am repentent, disposed to change my life to the better
God is merciful, I ‘ll carry out His orders to the letter
I confess my crime
I have done wrong and serving my time
Coming home stronger and wiser I feel
With your help , my heartbreaks will heal
I have a young son who will need me each day
I will love him and raise him in the best possible way
I dream of the day I will be free
No more shackles or chains
Starting life anew , you’ll see
September 11th , 2018 Copy right @ Hassen Gara

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