Not enough / Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul
Not enough
I don’t have enough time to go back down memory lanes,
Where I get nothing but only pains.
I don’t have enough words to complete my life’s story
Because I know that they will not add to my glory.
I don’t have enough feelings to share with you
Because It is something which is always new
I don’t have enough experience to restart and revive life
Because I only knew how to go through grief and strife.
I don’t have enough wishes to live more
Because I’m heartbroken from the core
I don’t have enough memories to cherish of the past
Because the bitter moments I never wanna last
I don’t have enough success stories to be told
Because I am always seeking love instead of gold.
I don’t have enough love to hold you long
Because I know you have come up very strong.
I don’t have enough fuel to run in this life’s race
Because I am very well aware of my pace.
I don’t have enough scars in my heart
Because now they have become my integral part.
I don’t have enough desires to let death go
Because I know that’s where the rivers of eternity flow.

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