Poems by Hj Harisharis Hj Hamzah

Poems by Hj Harisharis Hj Hamzah


A Penumbra
( In You )

An unspoken mind
With a laden weight
In a lavish sorrow
For joyful crates
Of hopes laid down
For tomorrow….

If the day comes…
And if….
It comes…
or guilty in crimes
Ponder with times

A Penumbra
A chase gone wild…

Or just let it go…!
As peace will remain
In a soulful mind

As silence flows untamed
As swift as the wind blows…
In the chasing game
Of peace and pain
That is left to gain.

Hold true…..!
And the rest will follow through..



Rasa sayang 
Satu Anugerah;
Ia datang
Dari jiwa dalam
Terpulang Dia
Yang Maha Kuasa
Mahu ditimbul
Atau tenggelam~
Hanya meminjam
Salah memakai ..
habislah tertanam.



One Award;
It comes
From inner soul
He is up to you
The Almighty
Want to be raised
Or sink ~
Man ..
Just borrow
Wrong use ..
it’s finished embedded.


(God-sent) Gift

Tender loving feel
Is God-sent Gift
It comes
From deep;
The soul that never sleep
Upon Him He pleases..
For Love to sink in
Or simply floating
In the wide ocean sea..
Are just borrowers
Of love and time
Buried deep
To ungrateful minds
Embedded in no time.

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