Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



Promises are made to be broken,
Ulterior motives rule gifts of token,
The sky is bruised by fake falcons,
Egoes have magnified in vulcans.

Lives jeopardized for impression,
Silence for old the only expression,
Conversation avoided in confrontation,
Cold war in tune with sophistication.

Machiavelli is widely read and imitated,
Appearances of deception validated,
To look good and kill is often related,
Cutthroat hypocrisy is widely celebrated.

Devil incarnated is evident everywhere,
Small children outsmart elders in affairs,
Apocalypse is very close in hemisphere,
Purpose of birth is lost somewhere.

Lives are broken in evil fragments ,
Virtues are substituted by violence,
Homes are breeding hatred in silence,
Old and infants at mercy of subtraction.


My blank page has a love story ,
On which I can write my history,
She is beautiful beyond compare,
whenever I close my eyes she is there.

She is like words unseen full of feelings,
Unmentioned emotions simply emerging,
Untouched fragile hands patiently waiting ,
To open up and hold tightly embracing.

She is a seductive tale ready to be wed,
Unopened book just wanting to be read,
Untold secrets in pale sentences unsaid,
Labyrinths of meanings in between fed.

She is the answer to many of my questions,
True love withheld beginning new ventures,
Loneliness between fantasy and reality loose,
Stolen heart rocking on a turbulent cruise.

She is my song of sunlight on bright rays,
Lovely notes seal her heart all the way,
Mountain peaks touching sky in embrace,
Happiness dreams in colours on her face.



My heart is up in the sky,sees far and wide,
Leaves on brown branches turning pink to green,                                                                                                                     Flowers of heavenly colours running riot,
Morning dawns and evenings farewell scenes.

God’s gifts are scattered in compassion we see,
Small girls and boys smile in angelic infancy,
Pole Star guides as fearless lighthouse in sea,
Celestial Moon peeps through branches of trees.

Shrill calls of winds burying dry leaves in earth,
Clouds paint the sky before it rains in mirth,
Snow on hilltops flows in streams to quench thirst,
Rushing rivers,calm lakes marine lives thrive.

Trees and shrubs filled with blossoms burst,
Natural forests nurture flora- fauna tame or wild,
Saffron,snowfalls in Winter,daffodils in Spring,
Birds of different feathers on sprightly wings.

Soul of seasons is a revelation of right,
Universe responds to good with all might,
Like a rainbow arched after stormy night,
Amidst loud thunders and frightful light.

Fragrant flowers in rain,lilies in summer heat,
Nature cherishes in every season’s retreat,
When love is in the heart like morning mist ,
Beauty of heart regales in joy at every treat.

Jyotirmaya Thakur@copyright reserved .

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