VIKTOR CANOSINAJ publikon  librin “The KING’S SHADOW” të përkthyer në anglisht nga Ermira Mitre

VIKTOR CANOSINAJ publikon  librin “The KING’S SHADOW” të përkthyer në anglisht nga Ermira Mitre


A few days following his enthroning a king of a vast kingdom, with millions of people, decides to destroy all the libraries of his country and burn all the books. He has the idea to initiate a new era. He named himself Luminous Sun. Within a short period he kills a great number of historians, writers and philosophers and sends thousands of them in agriculture and construction sites condemned to forced labor. The new king suffers from megalomania. He orders the opening of hundred construction sites all over the country, such as: routes, bridges, draining of the entire wetland regions and finally the construction of a great wall to protect his country from aggression. The new king is an illegitimate son of a royal guard officer. The queen has a passionate love for the officer. She is obsessed by him and after some years her lover decides to leave her. He escapes from the royal court and lives in a hidden place. But the queen finds him, visits him in secrecy and tries to convince him to continue with their love affair but the officer refuses. In revenge, she orders his castration and abandoned him in a remote and miserable place.The king is grown up in a climate of fierce hatred by his father. His older brother is selected to take the throne but he lost his life in war. Within few days the illegitimate son overthrows his father from power and isolate his mother. The king finds also the ex-royal guard officer and beheads him. He sends the embalmed head as a present to his isolated mother. She is living in a grave state of depression and after some time commits suicide. The king is grown up and educated by a famous story-teller some 12 years older than him. In adolescence he is madly in love with his maid and teacher. During this period he is living a great part of the time in the company of Barbaçe, a strong and loyal friend, son of an army general.


They both experienced their first love with the maid and story-teller. Barbaçe tries all the time to keep secret the relation and tell the truth to the friend only the day they leave the royal court and go to a long war. During this war the old king tries more than one time to kill his illegitimate son orchestrating bobby-traps but Barbaçe defends him bravely.A few days after ascending in throne the king Luminous Sun decide to marry his former maid, teacher and story-teller. The lady is very upset by this decision but she is forced to accept the king’s verdict. For some years they have no children and the king orders Barbaçe and his wife to spend a week together in a woody house in a deep forest to conceive a child. The story-teller has the illusion that her husband doesn’t know the sex-relation she has had with Barbaçe. Barbaçe, now general commander of the army, and the ex-maid have e daughter but they don’t meet with each other anymore in intimacy.Other main characters of the story are the writer Lisan Nghe and the head-architect of the kingdom, Bo Kendar. The first, a famous writer of magic stories, refuses to put his talent in the service of the new king. His novels are burnt, his library also. Meanwhile the delirious king pretends to be a writer and a musical drama composer. He has a group of shadow writers who write books for him and some composers also for the musical drama. It is proposed to Lisan to write a novel for the king in exchange for his life. He is drowsy for months and in the end refuses to write the novel. He was sent in a labor camp in a wetland and thanks to queen he was not executed. Between the writer and the former story-teller there is a strange relation. She has been a staunch fan of the writer in her youth and during a secret visit to his house she makes love to him offering the writer her virginity. They meet again in a remote country inn after many years when the lady has gained fame as a story-teller. During the telling of a story the writer is amazed by the talent of the lady and asks her…


Përktheu në anglisht Ermira Mitre

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