Poems by Adeyemi Aderonke (Nigeria)

Adeyemi Aderonke

Adeyemi Aderonke is a graduate of Mass Communication. She hails from Ondo state and lives in Kaduna state Nigeria. She is a teacher and a motivational speaker who loves to read, write and share positive words of wisdom through poetry and articles; to this end, she has founded The Gallant Generation as a social media outlet where she relates to people on how and why they should live their best possible life irrespective of their past failures and disappointments.


A new dawn

A new dawn!
Its a new day
A day of birthing.

Of holding on
Of bringing forth
And of sweet pain.

My incandescent joy
Came from no other place
But from my incredible pain.

It taught me firsthand
To search for silver lining
A star in the night.

Maybe maybe
I wouldn’t have
Found you.

Maybe I would have
Lost you forever
If I hadn’t searched long enough.

Truly truly
There is a rainbow
After a stormy rain.

Truly truly
Abundance harvest
Comes after many rain.

Hold on hold on
The night
Will pass.

Cheer up cheer up
Your dawn
Will come.

Its a new dawn
Its a new day
Its a new birth.



Yea, I took the road you’d never dare to travel
Yea, I took the path you’d never imagine to thread
Yea, I walk the path of the brave.

I march not as a slave
No, I march as a Queen
Yes, as a princess
the priceless possession
Of her royal father.

I am that raging storm
I am that wind
You wouldn’t dare
Stand against
I am simply

I am the one drenched
In the rain
Soaked in and out
From the torture of that great storm
While fighting to keep us

I am not the star
You see at night
Nor, the sun
You see at noon
Neither am I
The moon
Which competes
With the star.

I am the air
The very air
You breath
I am your source
The center
Of your existence
I am not God,
I am his daughter.

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