A SONG IS GOING TO GROW WITHIN ME (In Istanbul) – Milica JEFITIMIJEVIĆ LILIĆ / Translated by Claudia Piccinno

In Istanbul
Hagia Sophia, changed pearl,
always powerful, contemporary – calls me back.
Istanbul, Constantinople, Bosphorus pulse,
chasm of the times
who breaks empires, changes uniforms,
changes religion, in the powerful womb it receives me.
Scream of beauty in the cry of a seagull
that on the sky melts
I am touched
like the breath of the burning sun
over the Hague Sofia, the cry of the souls crucified,
with a weighted divine promise
to be able to conceive and take it all
to transform everyone, fill with new momentum, and
make sense,
power that is not consumed,
it changes the name but it remains the same, it fascinates,
eternal beauty, impenetrable,
celestial goal!
The nerve of toughness, digs from being everyone
multiplied, more harmonized, more diversified sin
since ancient times, dreamed by many,
in me it grows like a song sung for centuries, sung
exactly here.
Miracle of life is able to affirm,
that it starts talking from the beginning!
Constantinople, the imperial power is not reduced
in any language, it is perceptible,
his passion is the same, fire that overwhelms everything
the waves make it visible
of it and from that force i
birds become dumb.
A song that you perceive matures in me
in your blood eternally pervaded by me
with the ruins of past dreams, with the age-old echo
that connects the incompatible, the inseparable.
In me it is about to mature a song that everyone will listen to!
All suppressed silences will sound in it
All the unmatchable that connects with the heart
like the dark cry of a bell
or the muezzin’s screams
join with it the prayers and the curses
the rest from the registers of past times.
A song that saves matures in me
more sublime desires,
all possible and impossible make peace
on the banks of the past whose flowers still last
Sprouts receive new forms
enriched by past sufferings
on the ruins of life, which continues to flame,
of that wealth they all take it,
the breath stops again
before that unreasonable primordial force
in me it’s about to mature the song sprouted from there,
it’s someone else’s, but at the same time it’s mine too.
Translated by Claudia Piccinno

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