Poems by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan

Poems by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan



Honey bee I am,
collecting the nectar
from variety of flowers in numbers,
different in colours and fragrances,
none other could produce
the sweet glutinous fluid, honey as I do.

I am the pollination agent,
without my presence flowers
could never bear fruits,
furthermore, vegetations of all plants,
as I am the preserver
of flora and fauna,
environment and the nature.

In the process of coevolution,
the flowers developed floral rewards,
the nectar and longer tubes,
and I developed my tongue longer
to extract the nectar.

Important is my presence,
in ecological balance,
except Antarctica,
I am prevalent in every continent,
habitat on this planet.

I have my place
in any mythology and folklore,
in all phases of art and literature,
from ancient times to the present.

I store my food in hives
I can’t but to say,
those who take my food
are nothing but thieves.

I may be solitary in nature in wandering,
but when time comes,
exhibit eusociality in defending,
against the adversaries.



I am a gull, a seagull,
the symbol of freedom.
I could not be gulled or cheated 
by hollow words.

My squawking calls are typical
to signify that they are mine
as I’m venturing far out to ocean.

I love all the elements of nature
scale the space,
dive below the water deeper down.
enjoy the wind, water and earth,
my lovely my resources,
but I have animosity over fire.

I am aquarian,
longing, love and live in water.
I prefer to drink water afresh
but I even drink brackish
from which I could excrete the salt.

I prefer my food to be organic and alive.
I rely not on kleptoparasitism
but I often prefer to get anything by enchanting.

I don’t lay my eggs not in plenty,
only dot two or three, but in quality,
as I am resourceful, inquisitive,
and intelligent.
I may demonstrate complex methods
of communication
but highly in developed structure.

My fidelity is sincere
and last forever
and that too for my site.
I am committed to brood and guard
my own kith and kin.

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