Poems by Akshaya Kumar Das

Poems by Akshaya Kumar Das



Sheer Infatuation,
leads to creation,
Caught by incredible passion,
A spontaneous creation,
A mad victim of obsession,
Can’t control my passion,
Thoughts in projection,
A highlighted ignition,
Kindling imagination,
Fickle mind in aggression,
Scribbling thoughts of passion,
Releasing my deeper emotions

©® Akshaya Kumar Das, 16-6-2019, 6:33 PM @ All Rights Reserved.


Save the planet…

Sans trees the atmosphere ,
Plants & trees treasures of nature,
Why cyclones write devastation ?
Is it God’s manifestation,

Too much of human population,
Unable to take the load of evolution,
Too much of unfair competitions,
Between men & women,

Every one tries to out smart the other,
In the process destroy the nature,
Too much of the human aggression,
Atmosphere can’t tolerate the invasion,

Therefore, man better you change your life style,
Save the planet for future miles,
Generations will roll into the planet,
What answer you will present ?

©® Akshaya Kumar Das, 16-6-2019, 23:36 @ All Rights Reserved.


Daddy’s Day

Father’s Day Bells knocking on the door,
Oh ! Dad my great father,
Love you my creator,
My Eternal Mentor,

The Day to remember,
Tributes of tears ,
To my Eternal mother,
Nurturing me my saviour,
While I walked the uncertain steps holding your finger,
She made me stronger by her nectar,

Dad you are my first God,
If any one is seeking God turn to fatherhood,
In your live creations you will see the unseen God,
Who guided you to obey the evolution to fulfil his wishes in silent applaud,

Oh ! Dad you gave me my wings,
A beautiful voice to sing,
A beautiful mind like the kite,
Bringing me to be a beaming light,

My humble prayers for your well being,
Live hundreds of years like a king,
Gratitudes flowing in abundance,
Tears of happiness,
You are fabulous,
I love your upbringing in silence,

Father am your proud heir,
Oh! Mother can’t forget your care,
The umbilical link seeking in prayer,
The maternal lap of your love in azure,
Life for me is bliss of your blessings in care,

© ® Akshaya Kumar Das 17-6-2017 8:03

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