Khaled Khudayda Hussein ( Iraq)

Khaled Khudayda Hussein ( Iraq)
Sinjar, Mosul / Iraq Born 1.1.1978
Member of the General Union of Writers and Writers in Iraq
Member of the Iraqi unoion for Internet writers
Member of the International Parliament of Human Development Scientists
Delegate of the International Cultural Talents University in Germany
Founder of the Cultural House in Senoni
-1 Honorary doctorate from the International Talents University
2 Honorary Doctorate from the Supreme Council of Palestinian Media
3 Honorary doctorate from the German Cultural Center
4 Honorary Doctorate from the Union of Middle East Organizations of Rights
And freedoms in France
5. Honorary doctorate from the European Institute for Studies, Research and Science on war crimes and against violence
My publications ..
1 – released my child lover in the year 2004 group Cyrus
2 – in my heart the remains of the year 2005 a poetic collection
3 – The sanctity of nature in the Yazdi thought
4 – Sinjar spring of pain and grief in 2010 a poetic collection
5 – Ashes and Sorrows Year 2011 Poetry Collection
6-CD Hair Year 2012 Hair Collection
7 – an electronic poetry court entitled “Home for Rent” in 2014
My participation in World Books
8. Have no dreams but a common poetry book published in Israel
9 – South of the land of tender a poetry common book issued in Lebanon
10 – Poetry book for a group of poets Shankal issued in Kurdistan Iraq
11 – Encyclopedia poets connector .. Encyclopaedia of more than 300 poet and poet of the connector.
12 – divine women joint book of the poets of the world .. Serbia
The World Book of a Group of Poets from the World … In order to forget the war … The book on the war on Iraq 2003
On the cultural center of Mesopotamia Belgrade. Serbia
14 – Poetry book of the International Festival of Mesopotamia Poetry 2019.
My participation in the “Road to Shankal” poem.

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