Poems by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poems by Pushmaotee Subrun
Victim Crushed
Reckless strong passion
Sudden sweeping tornadoes
Suddenly striking
Profligate’s sudden fancy
Victim totally crushed
Let loose the fear of perfection sometimes
Fears of perfection keeps us tense
Delays our progress
To protect our self-esteem and identity make a go
By removing our ego.
If we want stone-cold unshakable confidence
Let us have a dose of perseverance
Put the threat of failure at bay
Aim for reasonable goals,
Letting time morph into challenging goals,
Yea, challenge your dreams, hopes and aspirations,
Steadily laying aside the sting of defeatism.
Take time to look at the smile of a baby,
Or a wild flower’s beauty,
Its sheer joy drinking in the sunshine,
And radiating life’s brightness like a gold mine.

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