SPREAD LOVE AROUND / Poem by Bilquis Fatima

Poem by Bilquis Fatima
Bouquet of roses I don’t desire nor sumptuous dinners
Neither serenade me with your golden voice
No gifts of diamonds on my birthday, I want.
But yes, hold my hands and take me on a moonlight stroll.
Let my heart resonate with yours
for little joy which I’d want.
When I rummage in my purse for coins
You take out a note and give to the lame man.
When I call a worker to fix or repair
Ask him to wait and have a meal with us.
When you plan an expensive journey
Instead come with me to visit my old.
When I sweat over chores don’t stop me
Just throw me a smile and pin my hair up.
When you walk with me and talk of dreams
Just help the old lady cross the stream.
When you give me my favourite chocolate on a drive
Allow me to give it to the waif who passes by.
For if your heart beats for me
It will also beat, for what my heart seeks.
Undoubtedly from selfless love we’ll both gain.
Truly spreading happiness and lessening pain.

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