Houda Elfchtali (Morocco)

Houda Elfchtali (Morocco)
– Teacher of English in Meknes / Morocco
– President of Moroccan Art and Culture association ERATO. Delegate in The Maghreb countries of “Motivational strips ” internatiinal poetry Forum . Delegate in Meknes/ Morocco of “100 thousand poets for change” of ” and of ” Afropoesie” . Literary consultant in the Forum of Poetry in India . Litterary Guardian in” World Union Poets “/ Moticational Strips. Freelance translator . Art critic. Author of ” My words and Worlds” ” Shades of my soul” and ” the edge of the blue” with contributions in American internatinal anthology “Divine Choir “. Vice president of association” 8 Mars de la peche no kill et de la preservation de la nature” . Director of “Meknes Choir”. Member singer alto in Meknes choir. Member in national board of the Moroccan syndicate of creative artists ( SMAK). Ex president of the section of Meknes of “The League of Moriccan Women Writers”. Ex vice treasurer of MATE ( Moroccan Association of Teachers of English ) and still active member in it. Award Winner in different poetry international forums.
My Notebook
And all these years
I have been
Taking notes
Of the messages
That your eyes
Have sent me
Now my notebook
Is full of you
But your eyes
Are devoid
Of all the words
That they used
To spell in my heart
And of the meaning
That i used
To jot down
Like a fervent learner
Facing a master
Shouldn’ t I
Have written you
That way?
Should I
Have left blank
The whole pages
Of my white book ?
Shouldn’ t I
have scrutinized
Your eye color
To that extent?
Shouldn’t I
Have taken your colors
For my eternal rainbow?
Should I
Have ignored
That look in your eyes
And got safe
From that
Horrible possibility
Of your emptiness ?
She s the earth
She s the breeze
The pure air
And the soft wind
She s spring ..
And winter
And all the flowers
Grow inside her
They re her daughters
And she s
their eternal
Destiny and source ..
She s the years
And the seasons ..
She s the greeen touch
And all the plants names
She s the past
And the present
She s the voice
Of the horizons
And the mirror of the souls
She s the fire ..
In the snowy days
She s the sound
Of the water drops
In the dying ears ..
She s the flowers fragrance
She s their wonderful colours
She s the garden of love
She s the powerful seed
…Of life

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