Poems by Dr. Sunny Kaur

Poems by Dr. Sunny Kaur
Blessings In Disguise
We all want happiness and
dread the thought of rain!
When the sun fails to shine
we worry and complain.
We forget that God is infinitely wise, and sometimes our ails are
just blessings in disguise.
For if we are always happy
filled with sunshine and cheers
our hearts would hold no
mercy for others who’ve shed tears. So when trouble comes knocking, remember to stay strong.
For Rainbows always follow
the storm and dark clouds
never stay long…
Peace – The True Solace Of Life
Peace is all of us desire here and dream of,
No matter if rich or poor and the
famous or the lesser known of.
You can have everything possible by your side, But no point if no peace inside.
Chaos here and turmoil there
Peace is the only key – to keep it fair and square. Wars, fights, strifes go on in our world indefinitely, Peace is the cure – the only true antidote to our fears, hatred, greed, inhumanity and all brutality.
For you to hear me and comprehend my piece,
You need to be patient with a mind full of peace.
Let peace be in you and in me,
For there is no substitute or will ever be.
Love and peace is all we seek for sure,
As we complete are journeys here.
Still after that, we bid goodbye and adios to
ones who pass away this mortality;
Rest in peace we wish those souls: till eternity…
From my E-book “Songs Of The Soul”
© Copyright 2019 Author Dr Sunny Kaur for Soulful Connexions. All rights reserved

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