KING AND QUEEN / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia



I wish I were Aphrodite
be a deity of beauty
to attract you 
as the nectar the bees and
make you madly fall in love
with me

Live together
a great love story
never poisoned
by jealousy and betrayals
as in the great tradition
of Middle Ages
tragedies and dramas
that of many passions
narrated and also
of murders and cruelties

Our union instead
a magical alchemy
of thoughts and emotions
our hearts free
from all the evils of ever
dwelling in the hearts of men

And along the winter’s eves
safe from the rain and cold
we will read stories of past lovers
of Romeo and Juliet
or Leontes and Hermione
and looking happy
into each others eyes
we’ll feel luckier
than any mortal

We do not own castles
nor mansions
but can be the king and queen
of Love

You and me
two modern heroes
meant to be
main characters, but
of sweet love poems;

@ Maria Miraglia

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