Stanislav LI (Kazakhsan)

Stanislav LI (Kazakhsan)
Stanislav LI was born in Tselinograd in 1959. He graduated from Alma-Ata Institute of Technology. His profession is translator. LI is author of several poetry collections. His poems are included in the anthology “Modern Russian Abroad” (Moscow, 2002).
He translates ancient, medieval and modern Korean poetry, in particular, in his translations by the publishing house Fiction published a book by the modern Korean poet Ko Ryn “And the black crane descended from heaven”.
LI was a participant of the World Poetry Festival (Seoul, 2005). His poems are translated into Korean and English. He is the Winner of the Moscow International Festival “Golden Pen” – Ariran Prize. Stanislav LI writes in Russian.
His latest book is called „At the edge of heaven and it is a collection of haiku favorites. The haiku of Stanislav LI is the haiku of the modern poet, and at the same time their author is closely associated with oriental culture, which gives them additional value. Stanislav LI’s haiku embody the traditional Eastern worldview. They resemble drawings by Oriental artists – and Stanislav LI and the artist himself – who seem to be windows into some other dimension in which time seemed to stand still.
east to west
…is a mountainous hillside.
the sun rises
towards the ancestral homeland.
I’ve been watching for a long time…
native language
enters the soul
with your mother’s milk,
with fairy tales from Grandma’s lips,
grandfather and father,
brothers and sisters,
but if you’re
learning the language
of your tribe,
is it possible
to call you
a happy man?
In the field
of golden sunflowers
the woman goes…
wide straw hat
on her head.
reminds me of a pointed umbrella
coming, bending over in front of
coloured flags, –
in a simple shirt,
rough pants.
Who is she to me
and where does she go,
sometimes by showing up
it’s disappearing, isn’t it?
a cafe in the mountains,
where you and I are going.
came in for coffee,
I guess now
drowning in the snow…
and the old man is the master,
just like last year
sits apart
reading the paper…
When I pass by
that place,
where the sea stretches
a few kilometers away,
unwittingly turning my head,
and the water surface
always smiling
Behind it
a distant coastline,
It’s like it’s drawn
with a school ruler…
and snowy peaks
stretching out one by one.
I’m sorry, at this time
I’m forgetting about you
and pretend like
I’m listening attentively
to your endless
Not because of spring…
that in the spring
the snow has broken
and the mountains have wrapped up
into light green silk,
that the flowers have blossomed
and butterflies spinning,
but because you’re the one
I dreamt about it
just like last time,
about that…
the time of year!
Ah, how noisy,
the branches of a blooming plum.
wind trembles
and the petals are tearing
and not for long at all,
as if he’d been drinking
with wine friends,
I’m forgetting.
I’m the burden of life…
from being on earth,
” raise your eyes
to the spring sky,
…then behind the branches
of cherry blossoms,
you see it
as it is itself,
trying to comfort you:
” Sounds like a bird’s-eye
with votes!
Five years old,
Grandma was wearing
me on her back,
her shoulders are remembered…
my childhood
I’m the one on the edge of my family…
I said goodbye forever,
but in the autumn days,
a troubled soul
from centuries-old poplars
flies over the leaves,
and your garden is covering up…

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