Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



World is busy earning money

A fairy is licking necator as honey

Most beautiful dove as ready to fly

Makes me crazy to meet her as bird fly

Lovely deep eyes, heart is full heavenly​

Thanked Almighty for as great being gently

Lovely vision in her soul
My dove has peace goal

O!Jesus she is my Nightingale ,singing lovely songs

Songs of praise for my Lord

O! Jesus take care for all ,who have heavenly heart

Love is mystic for as great soul

Spontenous emotions flow in her goal

She is my Nightingale messenger of my Lord



Blowing making soft forest is:
What pleasant petals of flower like own !
The mighty creation of lord is!
A fairy of air took me inside her town
Sweet soft music in sorrows .Never tease
My soul ! Make me happy one !
Brought me from dead thoughts ease
New life to all giving a new birth :
By this soft music my life get verse
Collecting all learned literature’s birth
My ashes will for peace ;harmony and mankind !
Make this beautiful eden for worth
There will be victory everywhere O! Lovely wind
If terror comes can spring be far behind ?



Ignorance ,dark shade of life
Faced by us without light
Impact of materialistic brightness 
Bring stress ,struggle ,tears of life

Flood of greed choked that river
Where we go deep find more
Yearn for connection with God
Remove dark clouds of ignorance

Temple of soul shine when
We stand in the light
The light we get make life worth
What I love want share to the world

When did we loss ignorance
Was it that day we find temple shone
I’m not alone ,all are with me
Full of peace ,full of zeal for world’s heal.

Ashok Kumar

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