Balloon Seller in a Fair / Poem by Swapna Behera

Poem by Swapna Behera
Balloon Seller in a Fair
Have you ever seen a balloon seller?
Everyday wraps the bamboo bar with hay plaits
Fixes the balloons on the stick
Sells the balloons for a rupee or fifty
Of different shapes or sizes
Red or white, blue or bright
Micky mouse or monkey long tailed
A car or a heart, a star or bird
With messages printed on them
His son with protruding stomach
Sits near him with despair
As balloons are meant to be sold
And not for him to play at all
Kids have sans choice but to obey
After all he has no mother his own
Waits for the balloon to blast…
While blown
Round tiny eyes dazzle with joy
Torn balloons are exclusively his
He can put his small finger and blow
Make screeching sound
His dreams inside the small bubble
Dazzling stars above
Halogen lights of the fair in the field
The story goes on….
Middle of the night the duo walks home
The father sleeps tired like a wooden log
But the son flies high
Like a balloon in the sky
Dreams are free; so no more hindrance
Son can fly but father never
For he is tied on the bamboo bed…
Where is the time to dream…..!!!
Copyright @SwapnaBehera

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