Genuine Poetry: “Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood” —-T. S. Eliot / By: NilavroNill Shoovro

Genuine Poetry

“Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood”
—-T. S. Eliot


NilavroNill Shoovro

Poetry is one of the powerful medium to communicate with the readers. It communicates with people and time, nature and soul. The forms may differ but the essence remains the same and powerful if the creator can express his or her talent with proper dignity and elegance. Therefore, poetry is one of the best medium for this purpose. The primary obligation of a poet is to communicate with his or her readers. To broaden the canvas of their vision as well as feelings for both the life as a conscious being and people and time in general. Poetry is born if and only if one can achieve this.

As we are working in the literary field with poetry, it is our way of expression to disclose our emotions and sympathies with others. Poetry without sympathy can never touch human souls with emotion. Poetry without emotion can never move human souls with sympathy. Yet only the emotional poetry may bore us soon. Therefore, to preserve the emotions with sympathy in expressing poetic talents requires great skill. If only we can master this skill only then we can be able to reach more hearts with our poetical creative brilliances. In addition, even this skill requires deep philosophical insights with spiritual realizations of eternity. Only then, a poet can communicate with a greater audience.

Now what is genuine poetry? Poetry is not playing with words at all. Poetry is the expression of life. Poetry gives us the true meaning of our existence as human being. Not that, our life depends on literature or poetry. Any one of us can survive and even thrive, in our materialistic life; without even building up any relations with literature or poetry as a whole. We all know that it is quite possible. However, literature can never survive without establishing any direct relation or having any affinity with life as a whole. Therefore, we understand that literature depends on our life. Moreover, our life is full of sufferings pains and despair. Our life is also full of hopes and of infinite possibilities. It is in constant flux of good and evil, hope and despair, confusion and belief. So how can we deny all these in our inner soul? How can we just play with words for the sake of literature forgetting everything?

Therefore, Poetry demands human compassion. Without which poetry becomes just jumble of dead words. Void of life. Who would like to read that poem which is just a formation of words and sound without any true soul? In addition, to bring out that soul in our poetry we need to establish a direct relation with our surroundings, with our present time with human compassion. Do you think keeping yourself insulated from the present world would bring that soul in your writing? I am afraid, that is not possible at all.

So keeping ourselves insulated from the human sufferings, from the tragedies of political events; even if we try to be creative in literary field, all our creativity will be lifeless without any true soul within. Nobody would recall our poetical brilliance for a second time after going through that sort of caricature of poetry devoid of true soul. Moreover, to bring out that true soul in our literary creativity we have to be compassionate enough not only to feel for the sufferer but also to find out the true causes of the Evils that prevail in the everyday domain of our world. This is the responsibility of a true poet. Not that, our poetry will change the world, yet it can be reflective of our time and situation in a true manner. Where, reader can find a true soul, which can communicate with its time and sufferings.

Poetry with this true soul is the genuine poetry, which can communicate with its readers even before it is understood. Here lies the true strength of poetry.

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