I loved you a great man – Joddy Haiyder / Translation by Lateef Shareef Dhmayd

Poem by Joddy Haiyder
I loved you a great man
I loved you for your greatness
Different was your farewell,
No hatred it invoked in me
But an alien feeling
That lurks between remorse and loss,
How can I forget you…
or abandon your love,
I swear if I lose you for few moments
I feel like a piece of glass
Soft in touch and formidable in form
Broke into pieces on my heart,
Your love taught me a brilliant lesson
It taught me how to love
And how fathomless love is
At the crossroads of concessions,
And how strong your love seems to be
When the doors of confessions are knocked at,
Would you forgive me
So that I can exist
Believe me
I will never let you down once again,
Your farewell never handed me to grief and pain,
But to an alien feeling
I am certain,
I will never overcome
Unless I lose a part of me.
Unless I lose a great part of me
I love you very much
You are the beginning and end of my own soul.
Translation by Lateef Shareef Dhmayd

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