Poems by Miradije Ramiqi / Translations by Fadil Bajraj

Poems by Miradije Ramiqi
Allegro (I)
While the colors will get dry
I carry the sky on my shoulder
Don’t look always
At my sparing smiles
The memory faded out the walls of the room
In a Studio where I was once
Creating colors
On the road again and again
And the landscape that follows me everywhere
ndjek kudo
Waiting for Colors No. 3
You took my hands legs
My poor landscape
I remained torso
You blinded my eyes
Now I don’t know where did you left me
My poor landscape
A weird mirage
Across the room an eel
My silhouette plays with me
I shudder/wispers again into apparition
My longing becomes relaxation
Perhaps it tights to a knot
To where my silence leads me
A Night
Every night has
One more night
The darkness multiplies
And begets the oblivion
Every night has
One more night
Wanders in every corner
Ghost of sadness
A night
Not like the other nights
And it’s the same night.

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