Empty Pocket Syndrome / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun
Empty Pocket Syndrome
Those who Spend, spend and spend irresponsibly,
Heedless of self and family,
With the craze of king Midas or his stupidity,
Invite self-inflicted destruction,
Just as we invite natural devastation
Through our irresponsible action.
After inviting self-inflicted suffering,
They become unreasonably demanding,
Blame everyone,
The near and dear ones,
Rail at, hit, harass, torment,
With the ‘empty pocket syndrome’ attack or vent
To make them ultimately become doubly bent.
With family relationship strained,
Making the sufferer further drained,
With warnings from the boss,
Of a forthcoming sudden loss,
For continued indolence,
And bad performance,
Deductions in the salary threatens.
Absenteeism follows the evils,
With inability to pay the monthly bills,
Debts mounting,
And with it, bitter frustrations,
The ‘empty pocket syndrome’ gaining ascension,
With daily target to spare none,
Reasoning, a thing bygone.
Instead, the self-approved
Habit of cynicism gradually deeply ingrained.
And obstinately maintained,
The ‘monetary fear syndrome’
Aggravates the ‘empty pocket syndrome’
Causing torture to others,
With attitude of who bothers.
Consequently, moments accursed upon oneself inviting,
The ‘empty pocket syndrome’ utterly overwhelming,
Leads to despondency, and devastation,
With no support of any kinship or any connection,
The situation bringing about utter isolation.
All this hellishness brought about by heedlessness,
Impulsiveness and utter callousness.

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