Poems by Irida Zusi

Poems by Irida Zusi



I learn how to mute words, phrases and more
Stay quiet like a leaf, listening closely to the shore.
That soft, sweet whispering wind of change
Between the specified limits of the coastal range

Where my heart gently opens wide
Enjoying this amazing scenery, oh so wild
One pure passage of the seaside… all in gold
Where lies the extent of perception, one door

Full of knowledge, coldly breezes, one magic autumn to see
A masterpiece of brown blades of grass called the autumn poetry
You wouldn’t forget the frosty air sky, letting the wind go free.
If you look close to the fall nature, you’ll understand its simplicity.



“I close my eyes,
listening to the sound of the sea.
All was quiet, around
then in the back of my mind
I heard something like a rumor a wind,
the soft music of an ocean breeze,
caressing soul… seems like a story
being told without words…
And I love it… as it deeply whispers in my ears,”
“Now I know what it feels like
to be completely crazy,
underneath the language
of a dreaming blue sea. ”
Could that phenomenal moment,
in an awesome time, be any prettier?



I fell in love with the blue eyes, crystal as pure
Such a sweet paradise making me ask for more

Whilst the ability to discern or judge what is true
Begin to get uncertain, as my vision seems blue

Your light represents pages of white wisdom.
As love speaks the purity of your inner soul

You are the un-walked road, captured in bliss of a word.
The best poem ever that I’ve searched all over the world.

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