A Journey to Cosmic / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty


A Journey to Cosmic

If I’m not in touch for long,
Make sure,
I’m in a different sphere,
Meditating per sure,
To make me aware,
Little more,
About the eternal mystery, I’m unaware,

If I’m calm, with my senses being num,
Make sure I’m attending some,
Out of the world and beyond,
A journey I have began,
From myself to the cosmic realm,

If you haven’t heard me for long,
Make sure I’m getting along,
Somewhere out of my galaxy own,
I have travelled a long,
From one orbit to another,
With some shuttle jumps,
Like an electron does,
Once the energy it absorbs,

If I’m not responding to you, for a quite,
In the search of finite line of that infinite,
I’m traveling towards the divinity elite,
To touch and feel that fine line,
I’m exploring,
The absolute, and submerging,
I may or may not ever return,
I do care about your concern,
But you always can feel me in those cosmic lights of some.


Gita Mohanty

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