On The Wings Of Love / Poem by NilavroNill Soovro

Poem by NilavroNill Soovro


On The Wings Of Love

Whenever I see her eyes
Glittering in joy
And her fervent smile
Blinking like heavenly stars
I know I am in love
Flowing like the river
Under the midnight moon
Hoping for an ocean to open up

All the alphabets of human epics
All the songs to remember
All the memories of forgotten loves
Sing aloud her name
Echoing around the morning breeze
Dancing upon the sea waves
Breaking the barriers of time and space
Making the moments, eternal

Whenever I read her lines
Romantic and beaming in love
And her ardent words
Nursing the pains like God’s will
I know I am in love
Standing amidst hope and despair
At the bend of the road
Hoping for her hands to touch…

All the silent desires and dreams
All the desperate hopes and likes
All the forlorn shadows of past
Write down her name
Through the whispers of broken leaves
Over the crescendos of water falls
On the wings of midnight sonata
Keeping me standstill in her wait…

3rd November’ 2019

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