Your Eyes, My Feet / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad


Your Eyes, My Feet

Your eyes;
Will be my eyes to see the “arc of colors in the sky”
My feet;
Will be your feet to walk you along the path when the war is over.

I will run with your feet to the hills and along life’s narrow path
And,they will bring me to the heights of my dreams forever.

You will see with my eyes the splendor of the rising and setting of the sun
And marvel at the lovely blossoms of every spring
And the blinding silvery shine of white snow that every winter brings.

I will always be your eyes, my love
And you will forever be my feet.
You will walk with me down the aisle,
And we both witness with my eyes
Rapturous joy in every present guest.

The tiny little steps of our tender fruits
Their precious pearls of laughter and tears
Surround us with delightful noteworthiness.

Our love will see us through the path that I could not walk alone,
And you will find through my eyes every corner of our home.
From our splendid living room to our dainty kitchen
To our lovely nest, to our blossoming Eden.

I could walk beside you in our lifetime
And you can see my love is true
Our commitment is for life that is rare but true.

My eyes will always “look for hundreds of reasons” not to give up on you,
And your feet will always find a single reason to walk us through and through.

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