Poems by Matthew Pollock

Poems by Matthew Pollock


Lest We Forget 

He was a slightly silver-haired man, arms skinny yet firm, with a whisker ridden lip that slightly curled up at the ends. Wandering, as if lost in his own comfort, down a never-ending road of pebbled bumps. Kicking the odd slightly larger stone, then tracing it with his footprints for a second, slightly firmer blow. But always careful not to make too much disturbance for fear of reprimand.

The sunlight enhanced his freckled face as salt water seeped out of his pores, blinding him in a two-pronged attack with the sun. A spotted handkerchief his savour as his boots followed his eyes for what seems like a lifetime. He was not alone however as his brothers also walked beside him.

A second man, slightly taller and stockier continued to check his vision as a hunter does searching for its prey. His uniform was slightly less worn, and he didn’t have the air of comfort that his brother next to him carried. He walked as if in a dance however but more out of fear than any real sense of rhythm. A short shuffle forward, followed by a more normal stride to regulate his balance again.

Silence was broken as the two men and their fellow brothers darted for cover behind unsuspecting scrubs. Returning fire in kind, the taller man ducked as a shell bounced off his now dented combat helmet. A close shave as the silence slowly returned and another day drew painfully towards its conclusion.

Many years later, with his curled whisker ridden lip now cleanly shaved, a man entered his local for a pint. He was well-known there as if part of ageing furniture. Pinning a poppy to his jacket, he drank with his friend to the close shaves, the burning sun and mate-ship that bonded them all together as one. And to those who never returned …

Lest we forget.

©️ Matthew Pollock


Heart Angels

An impetuous love, a secret paradox
Clarity in haste, contradiction shocks
Freedom in structure, rhythm in soul
Heart angels, play a mysterious role

Demons of jealousy, mirrors reflecting
Tears with bleeding, emotion detecting
Robotic compliance, devices to match
Heart angels, with their loving dispatch

Disillusioned silence, heart out of beat
Words like daggers, fighting to cheat
A memory injection, timelines on hold
Heart angels, slowly souls getting old

Seeds into flowers, lesson grow strong
A forever future, now skipping a song
Our hands interlace, fabric with scars
Heart Angels, now sharing their stars

@ Matthew Pollock

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