Another world / Poem by Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim

Poem by Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim


Another world

I closed my door and hit the way
Despite the intense cold, ran away far away
From this insane world that please in crime
For I never see the end of my suffering.

I had nine months of peace in my mother’s center
His belly chubby that in him
I was in this place only a tenant
But I had to leave him too much.

Has settled childhood and all its lies
Also teens and beginning of torments
A Father who betrays, a mother who dies
It was only a fragile flower.

Suddenly, I don’t belong anymore
I’m not to anyone, everyone has you
And when the door of offenses opened
I knew this was where childhood stopped.

Never again I could taste the sweetness
A light breeze flying in my hair
I learned suffering and just as much fear
And an intense sorrow that covered my eyes.

Even in the hottest summers often I have shivered
Absence has anchored in this fragile body
To whom everything missed, especially comfort
I asked for death, to God I pray.

I’ve advanced to the steps we gave
I was able to silence, by the way it stayed to me
In the only chapel where I loved to lock
The tears that were flowing, tasted salty.

Finally a rainbow in my modest life
A Ray of sunshine that gets me out of the night
The doors that will close one last time
The Light Dazzle me, I don’t turn around.

Taking my first steps in a world of adults
That I don’t know and will brave
My Destiny is then like an uncultured land
I have to cultivate, learn and move forward.

I gave the best and suffered the worst
But still I never gave up my arms
The head sometimes hearing the heard
Ill-informed people, who dirty here!

I became a woman, I became a mother
That’s there i think so, what I did best
Their presence here, is how salutary
I just have to see happiness in their eyes.

But time has worn out this body too tortured
I dream of silence, calm and peace,
So if you find, the door is closed
It’s that other horizons have called me.

© Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim
November 2019.

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