SUNBIRD / Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan

Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan



I’m a small slender bird,
brightly coloured,
plumaged with iridescent feathers,
having highly developed vocal organ,
because of my nectar-feeding lifestyle,
from time immemorial.

My bird flight is fast and direct,
thanks to my short wings.
I love rain-forests,
I live at high altitudes or latitudes,
will enter torpor while roosting at night.

Flowers are unsuccessful,
in preventing me,
to access their nectar,
but I simply perch on and puncture,
at their base near the nectaries.

My relationship is enduring,
will mingle with everyone.
I have the privilege of hosting cuckoos,
to lay their eggs in the nests,
constructed by me or my counterpart.

Being an important pollinator,
a preserver of the ecosystems,
resistant to changes in habitat.

Since I cannot hover,
my preferential inflorescences are,
typically the sturdier ones only.

Copyright @ Ezhil Vendhan

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