Poem by Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan

Poem by Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan
Be like a pillar of confidence
‌To build a citadel
‌Where nothing but goodness alone
‌Will be the stock to enrich all
‌See yourself to be
‌The replica of kindness
‌To grace all with your presence
‌Compassion alone is
‌The need of the hour
‌For all are confined within the study
‌Never have time to think about the
Near and far in life
So rigid is our nature
So crooked is our minds
Love is the universal force
To bind us all altogether
Learn to love without expectaion
Learn to adjust with others
To break the barriers
Be it on the basis of caste,
Be it on the basis of religion
Be it on the basis of politics
To attain unity
This kind of attitude is to
Lift us up in the ladder of life
To attain a common sense of brotherhood among all
Let us all join together
Hand in hand
To ring the bell,
To lit the lamps
To drive out darkness
From our minds
On this gracious planet
Here to live is to nurture
Relationship well.

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