Poems by Matthew Pollock

Poems by Matthew Pollock



A seductive billboard, advertising candy
Subliminal messaging, big brother brandy
Morals in a backlog, money now for show
Desensitised, how far should we go?

A heated discussion, views that divide
A violent fight, the outnumbered side
Captured on phones, viral entertaining
Desensitised, who are we blaming?

The fake news, with click bait from hell
The truth in between, so hard to tell
Factually regressive, leading into lies
Desensitised, as now nobody cries?

A balance in nature, eyes open wide
Awareness our shield, carry with pride
Researching progress, slowly shift up
Desensitised, how full is our cup?


Fragmented Moments

Echoes of the past, lodged in the now
Future with visions, the question how?
Contrasting windows, missing of a link
Fragmented moments, difficult to think

Demons in closets, nightmare dreams
Memory regression, torn at the seams
Moments that mattered, haunting past
Fragmented moments, reflecting glass

Love with butterflies, timelines reset
Souls within angels, with zero regret
Bells of celebration, bind future vowel
Fragmented moments, work somehow

Strings in a knot, untangled in rhyme
Journey of collisions, intersecting time
Parts of a puzzle, the me of my song
Fragmented moments, fixes the wrong

©️ Matthew Pollock

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