PROMINENCE / Poem by Stella L. Luna

Poem by Stella L. Luna



What makes prominence?
A staying power, influence ?
A lasting legacy, permanence?
Words take their grip on open minds,
Messages echo through attentive ears,
Pictures glare, screaming “Look at me”.
Like a vacuum in space, devoid of matter,
It is desolate, hollow, empty.
In the vast nothingness
Like a clanging cymbal
Like a sounding brass,
It’s distorted noice, a mess.
Like the sun’s plasma outbursts
It ejects emissions,
Disruptive, barreling through
The Earth’s core, causing seimic unrest.
Like a hole in the Sun,
It spews electromagnetic discharge
Causing cataclysmic effects.
Like a hole in the wall, it ruins the backdrop,
Attracting attention, creating an eyesore .
Prominence without Essence
Is a wallflower.
It’s just frills, embellishment.
Without Love,
It is impermanent, taken down.

Copyright S.L.Luna

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