Poems by Jean C Bertrand

Poems by Jean C Bertrand


I see nothing

Nothing wrong,
It’s understood,
In snowy night,
Midnight lovers,
Haunting all night,
Chocolate’s breath,
Friendly kisses,
Slowly calming the winds,
Surprisingly melted inner pain,
I see nothing wrong to be in love,
If I cry, forgive my flesh, just a lover.


Till the rain…

Hugs the garden
Perhaps, pleasing
With a sense of love
A new dance escaping
Chasing bitterness
Open the gate of consciousness
Embracing the holiness
Healthy divine smile
Kissing the flowers
Blessed the green grass
In the mercy of love
So delighted watching you
Welcoming magic blue
Walking in sunny day
Fabulous rays touching hearts
Cheers on the balcony
Every single step
Will keep your heart
Dancing till the end of time.


The most wonderful….

Overwhelming joy, heartfelt to
Be at your gate
Still kneeling and waiting with
Grandeur proudly praying for peace

The most sinful
Looking deep watching all
Hatred across the oceans
The power of arrogance

The most suspenseful
A musical tune blowing
Amicable durable merciful wind
Global poetical devices in the air

The most beautiful
I’m remembering butterflies
Triumphing fulfilling the bliss
Unconditional love in the air.


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