The Sea Of Hometown / Poem by Tzemin ITION

Poem by Tzemin ITION
The Sea Of Hometown
How many years
Raging waves hit the shore
How many squares and circles can’t bear this fierce attack?
Just on the rainy day
Sky cried
Always tempted me to pick up
My arms and legs buried in sand
Did not have even just one time to block
Cobblestones rolled on my naked body
Rolling over and over
It was not me to stir up
These stormy waves
A handful blue
Engulf how many dazzling human worlds
A retrograde vortex
How many unsolvable disputes were involved?
A giant reef that has stood for millions of years
Not far from the shore
I jumped into the sea
Take away all the remaining young youth
Built a home along the coast
Resisted the invasion of evil waves
Let’s danced
My people
Asked the fishes
Before seawater
was filled with the glass bottle
How to write
An unparalleled poetry?
It was so clear in my heart
Will not stop me
Threw this poetry into the sea
But will
Accompany me
Watch together
The seawater
Will or will not
Becomes more blue.

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