Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas


What is in a Woman?

we are the nature that
we see feel touch smell taste, around our world…
moon stars rainbow
thunder lightning
sea river trees mountains
flowers rain wind
tsunami flood typhoon,
ahhhh… woman you are
the day night time space
what is in a woman
that U love so much?



i grab intensely
project an image
that is
the magnificent focus
of the intended substance
that allows
the perceiver
to discover for himself
the hidden gem!



as a designer
i love
stray suggestions
floating beauty
speck of truth
whispering echo
the indifference
suggestion of union.

speck of truth here is the exposed water pipe… I did not hide, never cover, it becomes part of my design..

play shapes and colours but never in symmetrical format, rather the symmetry is in weights balances…

interior design is Poetry, one can’t be a designer without play of psychology, philosophy, sociology!

never put any decor or furnishings w/out practical usefulness.

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