Poems by Wisdom Isah

Poems by Wisdom Isah


With You

The effect of your sweet caress,
Send butterflies fondling the stars from the lanterns of heaven,
to sunshine my world with dawn of your beautiful blaze.

Your grandiose grace impeaches my fears,

when am with you, rubies of passion
dances with gems of merry singing with an opalescent voice around the moments we make memories on the sleigh of wonders…


I am Happiness 

There is a reason behind the twinkle little stars,
I want to fondle with its glare,
I want to Kindle with its flare,
I want to mingle with its flair,
she brought me to the wonders of her dream stair,

I sit upon the chambers of her panache clear,
having a supper with her relatives who’s so dear,
feet on the groove of cosmos pear,
hands on the elegant garment of her wear,
she told me how to stand without a thing called fear,

then i fly without wing on the cloud bear,
and watch the tares of hurtful sorrow that lies on life grain year,
the rattle of pain that drum in the wits of the heart to hear,
and depressed worry that causes the mind to tear,

I look into the shine to find the fault in her stars,
then she told me the grace of her beauty ,
the night darkness makes me stronger,
the gloom state makes me greater ,
I shimmer with my gifts in the midst of this dreary somber,
this deep black does not break my asterisk white,
but make my color brighter,

Fixing forward with a crown of smile,
gazing ahead of this road ,
dress with the beads of bliss,
for I am happiness,

There is a reason for this holly of virtues,
I visited the home of courage,
and he entertain me by showing me the face of an enemy,
the ocean of tears,
that fall from fear eyes,

then his neighbor peace tap on my back,
carry me inside the chin of your heart and let the hope keep moving ,
for after the stormy rain comes a sweet calm,

then his partner in love,
Joy played the Mirth piano,
feel paradise everyday and dance in the sound of life gladness ,

For happy honey!
sweetened the grape of beautiful, clothes the words of faith,
so my heart glows with merry gaiety,
caress the candy joy of rainbow melody ,
for I am happiness,

There is a reason for the breath of life,
I want to explore in his days,
I want to exploit the treasure that lay on the verdurous pleasure voyage,

clinch unto the amazing nature of her world,
climb the highest citadel of extraordinary,
catch the bubbles of magical moments that flows,

walk in the woods of fantastic fabulous fun,
seel the experience of heaven on earth,
drink the wine from my vintage prosperity,

for life is too short to hold on to anything,
that makes everything forlorn on infelicity state ,
and make the journey sound like nothing,

so i will rise like the conquering sun,
let the unrest edges of past sorrow wither,
and silent grudges of unforgiveness die,
for I am happiness…


Music from Peace

We walk on broken bottle to ensure smile sprite at the end of the tunnel,
we crawl over the sand of fire,
slept on the bed of ice,
we stood amidst the tension of wavy storm to cast our prayers for you,
the fiery rain unsettles the faith in our heart,
despite this bleeding pain our breath still breath for our saviour,
we drank the night in our sun for we believe in your day,
the cross we did carry to the lane of calvary despite the thirty nine ardent stripes,
for we believe in the farm of your words,
we trust in the land of your cultivation,
we have faith that our choice to eat your fruits wouldn’t be a regretful forbidden one later,
our soils are hopeful like the glorious sky,
we believe with our eyes we shall see the rainbow of stars,
our nose will smell the aroma of love,
our lips will taste the water of great success,
our feet will dance joyfully to the music from peace…

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