Poems by Zana Coven

Poems by Zana Coven
I see my mom
In my eyes
The light of love
And care
Always with me
So I dare
To face the wind
And snow
I have a courage
And she
Knows how
I feel my dad
In my smile
The stream
Of life
Even if sometimes
It can hurt like
Sharply knife
Or so easy
As sun light
No sorrow
No fight
In my face
There are both
Or each of tham
Has their place
So strong
They are in me
Built my cells
By their own
Unique bond
So they will
Never be gone
I already passed
Their stream
To my own son
Only sometimes
When autumn leaves
Make soft and fancy
My path
I remember your smile,
I remember how clear
Your eyes where
When you talked to me
About moon who
Hated the day because
It stole his shine
Only sometimes
In foggy autumn morning
Wind remembers me
Of your voice
When I feel gloomy
And loneliness takes
My breathing
Heavy pain deep
In my chest,
Tonight the same moon
Shines in my room
As he wants to
Bring you back
And I start to wonder
It could be love…

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