Poems by Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay

Poems by Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay
Ex scientist
Author of sixty books on Amazon Kindle
Translator of Geetgovind, Gita, Upanishads, Brahmasutra, Durga Saptashati.
Writer of many melodious songs,on poem hunter too many poems.
Published many poems in Anthology.
Poems translation in 25 Indian & Foreign languages.
As chief guest of poetry conference at Puri , India.
Regular program on Mexico radio
Introduction writer and publisher too.
I written
A word on rose petals,
Not taken any pen ,
With my only tears ,
What you see as dew drops,
That’s nothing, dear !
only a small word love.
That’s dew drops not of only heart mine,
Is your lovely drops of eyes,
Oh Dear ! You shine,
Your emotional waves,
What flows in your mind,
O my dear ! Lovely kisses to them,
You are too kind.
Love is blind
People say love is blind,
Face attraction binds one,
Stop all work, mind unable to decide,
But pure love is totally divine.
Love and romance two words ,
Very much distinct in this world,
Love eternal, romance is of body and mind,
One always living, other may die.
O my dear! This is a selfish world,
All attachments with self axis herald,
Be neutral always from man’s centred view,
Spread affection,
humanitarian review.

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