Doing a final calculation / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty


Doing a final calculation

Please bring your accounts,
Let me know your counts,
Doing the calculations for last and final,
I may not have a time for the rehearsal,

Whom I hurt ever if,
sending some hugs,
for the time being please adjust,
Remaining, I’m taking with me,
Repay you back latter,
Though I can’t assure,
Definitely I would try per sure,
As always, please bear with me my dears,

Who all have complains,
That I never listened to them,
Here you go, opening my heart and I’m listening you again,
I wish that wouldn’t have happened,
Can’t rewind the time,
But giving you the word of mine,
With interest repaying you back, in my next time,

Loved a bit, lived a bit,
Known a bit, remained unknown a bit
Took a bit, not sure may be returned a bit,
Cared a bit and dared a bit,
Agreed a bit and too disagreed a bit,
Walked ahead a bit and looked back a bit,
Fought a bit, shorted it out a bit,
But never thought so much before so tit bit,
Now it’s almost the time to leave,
Without any hesitation let me know please,
If anyone I need to settle,
May take it as my last call, before my fall,

What can I say about both of you,
You nurtured me, keeping within you,
Gave me a life, love and a name too,
Yours I can’t even pay back,
I don’t have enough to repay you all of that,
Let me owe it always in my heart,

Oh yours is really huge
Please give me seven births, I may be able to clear your dues,
Please don’t be disheartened my dear,
Slowly I would repay it back, per sure,
Without asking, you have given me so much,
I’m unable to repay you back that much,

Ya you you and you,
I have to repay you too,
Oh yours is too big indeed,
All can’t be payed back, I think,
Taken a note on my heart,
Next birth, definitely pay you back,

I remember all and haven’t forgotten,
A long list, what all you have given,
Once you have given me a laugher, and afterwards few more,
Right, yes I’m sure,
And you gave me care, much more than my share,
Without knowing also, you have given me a smile,
I have forgotten my pain, may be for a while,
And you, do you remember you gave me your trust,
Without even knowing me much,
And you, gave me such beautiful relationship,
I got it free, even without a worship,

And you gave me the vibe,
And you gave me the love,
You held my hands,
When I was about to fall,
You helped me to develop,
You all gave me emotions,
You enriched my passions,
Even I appreciate, those who taught me the lessons,
They helped me rather for my immunization,
I love all my relations,
Please have patience some,
Slowly I would be pay,
Before or after it may.

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