ON THE PLANET GAMAJATA / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
On the planet Gamajata
no night
my birds and I like Robinson Crusoe
collecting the remains of the past
from their dust, we build the shadows of the future
my beloved spills light from the sapphire eyes
by Star Trek
in the hope, she will restore herself
from my restless heart
on the planet Gamajata
a wicked queen prepares a gala reception with love
forgotten by the multi-gods and sleeping kings
in the last battle of life and death
who knows which century ran astray in their hearts
love is reincarnated after the flood
and slowly drowning in life
it is autumn on the planet Gamajata
love is ripening and should be collected in its essence
only my last dear genuinely loves me
and keeps all the secrets about me
only she knows how to love my silence
and how to reach me in the nonexistent dreams

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