CUPID / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia



How wonderful it is
to walk in the sun
the mind free of
ungracious thoughts

A cozy house
a lovely family
and friends to talk
and spend the time

My flowers and plants
needing my cares
and books waiting
to be read at night

Oh, my life of Alice
in a wonder land!

One day on the balcony
observing a bird
that chirping undisturbed
was flying light
I felt a wound
on my left side

It was an arrow
and i said to myself
i don’t fear any arm

It was Cupid
that hidden in the dusk
was trying to hurt
my heart from a distance

He may even try
I’ll stand on my feet
and life went on

The messenger of love
kept on shooting arrows
and now I am here
my body pierced
by thoughts of love

@ Maria Miraglia

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