Francesca Romana Val Bagli (Spain)

Francesca Romana Val Bagli (Spain)
Born in Madrid in 2003, Francesca attends the Italian State School in Madrid. She is currently in her junior year of High School at Keene Central School (NY- USA). Francesca enjoys going out with friends, reading, writing and visiting museums. She likes cinema, and acting is her greatest passion. She has attended theater academies since 2010, in Madrid and in Rome. Since 2017, she has studied at the “Arte 4” Drama Academy in Madrid.
There is an Ocean in between
and here I leave You-
you watch me go through your Jewels
made of the color blue
The Memories and Dreams we had
they all faded Away
such as the leaves after the fall-
all I want is to Stay
Losing You is like Losing Myself
my mind is full of You-
My Thoughts my Heart and I-
take off- all alone-
“There’s a kid in me”
I am a child,
I am a child who asks questions,
I am a child who expects answers,
Or maybe I am the child who needs the answers.
One day I will need to Know why the world spins
And why as its spins it switches all that is set on it,
How in the Twelfth-month crystalline slushy pearls settle;
How in the Third-month nicely scented and colorful blooms flourish;
How in the Sixth-month le soleil enlightens all below it,
And the smell of salt in your hair and the sand slipping through your toes while running to freedom;
How in the Ninth-month the trees change into their festive dresses.
I want to know.
I want to learn.
I am a child,
The child who is always going to be inside everyone,
Who makes you, as it makes me, keep going forward every day.
Copyright© 2020 All rights reserved

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