A writer, also poet at Northern Uganda Writers forum. He currently is a student of law at GULU UNIVERSITY. He has participated in lots of writing and poetic experience both spoken and written work both national and international. He is passionate mostly with poetry and has written more than a thousand poems both published and published some on social media. He looks to make the world understand through writing.
“When someone from Uganda Africa tells me this words….”(Eden S Trinidad)
Hi Eden,
Hope you have good times,
For your success is my story,
For really your success is my happiness,
I am thankful for your gift as a friend.
For my time is a book,
You are the writings,
Every friend has a page
I read daily…
Land of Eden
Travel with me
To no where
A place foreseen in plane looks
Captured in visions out in reality
Censored in the minds
Take heart within
Carry minds
In deep spirits
Carry body
Do not leave thee eyes
Come with me
No fight follow step
We follow south
Rise to East
Move North
Run low west
With much take -heart
Come create a place
Place of clarity
Place of love, passion, no hate
Where minds are in shape
Hold my hands
Cloth my heart
Put pessimism aside
Be positive
Divisive minds no more
Adorn with great heart
Come to thy land
In our hands with heart
Minds within out
To our own land of Eden
We meet on no grounds
Handcuffs of much likes
Growth to eye bolted look
Shall there be friendships not on business
Learnt my way a hard way
For i got a gold in me
Gold so precious
I am strong with golden heart within
My friendship
No price no sale
At heart so precious
Am locked your friend
Though happy for your daily progress
Oh, grant my wish friend
The environment rougher
Talking dirty
Be my friend …lover
Carry me to no betrayal
Am with you
Ye with i
Happy at heart and minds
For friendships not based on business
But heart of joy
What if I told you my story?
What if I told you my story?
Will your ears take it with a bite of salt into ye?
That I saw perils in my heart
That was cold with hurt
Pierced with emotions
Flowing like river Nile of Uganda
What if I told you my story?
Will you believe in like in Christ?
That I wronged my feeling
With much heavy expectations
As I robbed my love
Like darkness in the day
What if I told you my story?
With tears in my heart
Flowing like pain in the waist
That crush the Bliss in heart like volcano to earth crust
Keeping cold my mind to envy love
With less patience to fall in love again
What if I told you my story?
Will you feel it with empathy
The thirst I have gained for devotion
When my heart sleeps no more
Thought of loving coming again
That loving will not be valentine only.

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