SOMETHING I LOOK AT- 150 (FROM ASHES) / Poem by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Poem by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty




For the first time
I am feeling old
For the first time
I need someone very near
Close to my heart and soul

You say
Go back to the past
Where lies your youth and love
I say come on my love!
We will go together
Hand in hand, heart in heart, soul in soul
To discover our longings and ageless love
You say, my dear! please bear with me
How can I go with you
I am somebody else’s treasure?
So engrossed you are with your present,
And a future yet to come by
Have no time to go back
To spend with me
A few minutes and hours.

Tell me the heart of my heart!
Why should I go to the past
Where you will not be with me?
What shall I do there?
With whom shall I fall in love?
With whom shall I weave
Dreams of love and romance?
With whom shall I play?
With whom shall I compete?
With whom shall I quarrel
And fall in love again and again?

If you so desire
I will go to the past
If you accompany me there
I am prepared to be loved
And betrayed, endure all the
Agonies and distresses once again
Your betrayal is as beautiful as your love.
It is you who loved me
It is you who betrayed me
I love you in both the incarnations
It is you and you all the way
In both love and betrayal.
Dazzling like the full moon in the silver sky
You are the same
In my sorrows and happiness
Love and frustration
Pain and pleasure
Standing like a rock
Inspiring me to live and
Look forward to life
I love your betrayal as much as
I love you and your love.
You may not understand
But that is love
Always for the other.

I relish everything where you are involved.
It hardly matters
You are with whom and where
You may not be in my reality
But always in my dreams
Shining like the morning star.
Come with me, my soul!
If not your love
Your betrayal will keep me going.
I want to go to the past
To feel you, your love and betrayal.
Your love and betrayal are my
Exclusive possessions
And I desperately need
Their presence in my life
Let these be part of me,
My dreams and feelings
Be sure my love!
I will not ask for anything

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©
All Copyrights Reserved.

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