Poems by M. A. Rathore

Poems by M. A. Rathore



In the ocean of knowledge
One who has unfastened the boat of life
From the harbour
Will enjoy the vast spread of the ocean;
The rest will imagine they are just sailing it.

The unbound intellect is the only wing
One can fly with in the sky of divinity;
Till they are not conditioned well
With open thoughts and beliefs;
Which is the only way to absolute God.

The harboured thoughts
Can only make you lead a life of disgust;
A life that has been led
On the grace of society, family and friends;
An hour of enlightenment is a better treat.

Let us open our heart as wide as we can,
Unharbouring the boat of our life
And make our wings ready
To fly in the limitless sky;
For bliss of God will lead you to eternity.



Let us observe a thought;
Let it be weak, feeble and oblivious altogether
Till it reaches to nothingness;
With awareness a thought
Can be obliterated, leaving all relations.

Until we leave a thought aside,
It will engulf us in its snare;
A thought is the symptom of ignorance;
More we try to contemplate on it,
More we are entangled in it.

To enter in the realm of truth
We have to leave our thoughts completely
Which we have created ourselves
From the very beginning of human race;
For we are filled with the dirt of mind.

If really we want to be free
We have to release the chain of our thoughts
And sacrifice all the beliefs
Which we have created till now;
For the journey of truth begins and ends with it.



Absolute good or bad
Are the two sides of the same coin;
On the base of a thought,
They are considered different
Only when we recommend one of them.

No men are good or bad;
Both flourish in the lap of mind;
Some people show their behaviour
In the broad daylight;
Others appease all in their dreams.

Exposure makes a man good or bad;
The layer remains in between their behaviour;
And those who can perceive it
Are the sages of our time
And the only witness of our thoughts.

All our thoughts become thoughtless
The time we learn to see beyond them;
Even if they try to obsess us deeply
On the emotional background
But we have to be far away from it.

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