Brenda Mohammed (Trinidad)

Brenda Mohammed (Trinidad)
Brenda Mohammed from Trinidad is a multi-award-winning author of 24 books, and Regional Director – Operations- Motivational Strips. She is also a Vice-Chancellor of Motivational Strips Academy of Literary Excellence and Wisdom. Brenda is the Founder of How to Write for Success Group., Poems for Suicide Prevention, and Library of How to Write for Success. The Group, How to Write for Success, was formed in February 2018 to improve the writing skills of new and aspiring authors. To date, there are 5400 plus writers.
It was raining heavily in Paris that day.
I tried my best from the rain to get away.
The wind played havoc with my umbrella.
It no longer provided me with cover.
I had a very long way to go I knew,
But my umbrella I still held on to.
My sister took this picture of me,
Still clinging on to it for safety.
The rain came pouring splitter splatter.
I tried my best to walk much faster.
Had to pass a wall smeared with graffiti.
It was not a very pleasant place to be.
When I reached the hotel I made a spin,
To dump the umbrella in a garbage bin.
Shivering with cold I changed into nightwear.
Slept soundly that night without a nightmare.
Never make breaking promises a trend.
Especially to a dear and caring friend.
When you give someone your word,
Don’t twist it and make them look absurd.
Making a promise you know you can’t keep,
And causing someone to lose lots of sleep,
Can never be an ethical thing to do,
To yourself and others always be true.
Like eggshells, hearts can break apart.
Not everyone has a strong heart.
What you think may be no big thing,
Creates serious doubts and conflicts within.
Promises should never be made casually.
Your friends may take promises seriously.
Mere words can never repair the damage you cause.
Before you make a promise, think and pause.
When loved ones hurt us we call them names.
Heartless, stone-hearted, and words to defame.
Feelings of anger distort the tender heart.
Calling them bad names only keeps them apart.
When life is good, sweet loving words sound true.
Sweetheart, Darling, Honeybunch, and ‘I love you.’
Love can turn to hate easily when you feel hurt.
You find it difficult to say sorry and to happiness revert.
Engulfing in silence and bitterness creates a deep wedge.
Is it really worth it to leave things hanging on the edge?
Apologize quickly to your loved ones and make amends
Before illness or a disaster strikes and your life ends.
Don’t hold on to anger and spite for too long.
Grow up, forgive, and be brave and strong.
Don’t think the grass is greener anywhere else.
You will soon find out the truth for yourself.

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